RoTechSeal – maximum robustness against contaminated seal supply gas

DGS with individual technology tuning. For reliably safe operation.

Seal supply gas contaminated with liquids or dirt particles is one of the greatest challenges for DGS. Particles that accumulate on the sliding faces usually cause the seal to fail.

The seal supply gas for DGS is usually filtered and dried. In practice, however, it happens time and again that the treatment of the seal supply gas does not function properly. This can be for a variety of reasons: e.g. a change in the composition of the process gas, disregarded intervals for filter replacement, unsuitable or obsolete filter systems or simple operating errors.

RoTechSeal Features

The RoTechSeal combines many years of engineering know-how with innovative technology. The result is a DGS with technology tuning that is specially tailored to individual operator requirements and reliably protects against contamination from contaminated seal supply gas.

Numerous features make the RoTechSeal more robust - here is a selection:

  • Integrated gas purification “Smart Labyrinth”
  • DiamondFace technology
  • Self-cleaning 3D gas grooves
  • Improved soft torque transmission
  • Debris resistant dynamic sealing element
  • Leakage optimization

Results & Benefits at a glance

Technical benefits:

  • Increased robustness against contaminated seal supply gas
  • Customized feature set for the individual reuirements on location

Economic advantages:

  • Increased operational safety
  • Extended operating period
  • Avoidance of unplanned downtimes due to sealing problems
  • Reduced service costs


This is how an Australian operator of a natural gas processing plant increases operational safety ...

Optimized standard protects against contamination

In dynamic operation, moisture (triethylene glycol) and dirt were directly transferred to the seal over the supply line: Torque and frictional torque increased and the sliding surfaces heated up considerably. After upgrading the existing seals in RoTechSeals, the compressors now function perfectly.

Read the full case study here.

Get to know the RoTechSeal!

Further technical product information about the RoTechSeal can be found here.


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