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Be it in the production of dairy products, beverages, sweets, or other foodstuffs – industrial seals are a key factor for efficient and safe processes in food production. After all, only the reliable sealing of the systems in observance of the highest hygienic standards ensures trouble-free operation, prevents unplanned production downtime and ensures the quality of the food produced. This avoids financial losses and unforeseeable costs while ensuring that processes remain cost-effective.


Prevention by design: Sealing technology with hygienic design

All components in food and beverage production are subject to the strictest regulations – and sealing technology is no exception. All parts in contact with the product must be made of materials approved for food to prevent contamination. However, not only the materials but also the design of the seals influence the hygienic use, ease of cleaning as well as the effectiveness of cleaning and sterilization processes such as cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP).

If any crevices, dead spaces or residues develop, microorganisms can multiply and contaminate the product. Not only does this pose a risk to consumer health, it also endangers the production operations and the economic viability of the company itself. Insufficient sealing technology can result in product defects, operational failures, recalls and enormous costs.

We offer the right sealing solution with hygienic design for every application in food and beverage production – always in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements, standards and norms such as EC 1935/2004, EHEDG, 3A® and FDA as a matter of course.


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EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 governs the fundamental requirements for the properties of materials and articles that come into direct or indirect contact with food in production processes. The regulation is based on the principle that these materials and items must be sufficiently inert to preclude substances that could endanger human health, unacceptably alter the composition of the food or impair its organoleptic properties by being transferred into the food. EagleBurgmann seals for food production are in full compliance with the requirements of EC 1935/2004 and can thus be used in your processes with confidence.

As a consortium of food producers, device manufacturers and universities, the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) has made it its goal to improve food safety and quality. EagleBurgmann mechanical seals for food production applications comply with published guidelines and hygienic design requirements without compromise and are certified by the EHEDG.

EagleBurgmann is an active member in EHEDG working groups. Among other things, we have successfully contributed our extensive experience to the development of the DOC 25 Guideline: “Design of mechanical seals for hygienic and aseptic applications”.

The 3A Sanitary Standards are issued by the U.S. food industry and are applied worldwide. They regulate the materials used in the production, processing and handling of edible products. EagleBurgmann mechanical seals for food production applications fully meet the requirements of the 3A Sanitary Standards and possess all of the necessary approvals.

The requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) govern the use of materials and chemicals in food production and are recognized as testing standards worldwide. The necessary FDA approvals are in place for many sliding materials and elastomers used in EagleBurgmann mechanical seals.

Perfect seal quality for your economic success

Seals are exposed to challenging conditions in food production. Not only do they have to work reliably, they must also fully comply with the required hygienic standards. CIP/SIP processes often use high temperatures and sometimes aggressive chemicals, and this calls for a seal design to match.

Any failure of a seal means a system shutdown. As such, reliability and longevity of the components are central factors that are for the economic success of the company.

We use our broad and application-specific product portfolio and our in-depth knowledge of the processes and standards at hand to create solutions for you that are not only technically safe, reliable and perfectly adapted to your requirements but also first-class in economic terms.


Your solution partner with long-standing expertise

EagleBurgmann has been a reliable partner for sealing solutions in the food industry for more than 130 years. We competently and reliably support manufacturers in all areas of food production with our process-oriented seal design for efficient, trouble-free and safe production operations. You too can benefit from our outstanding technical expertise.


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Full-service provider of sealing solutions for the food industry

Selection of the right seal is the foundation of an effective sealing concept. Beyond that, proper installation, suitable operation and professional upkeep and maintenance play major roles in prolonging the service life of the seals. Intelligent seal management helps reduce your operating costs and training expenses.

As a full-service partner, we offer excellent sealing technology and customized service from under one roof. Our hands-on training courses reinforce your employees’ ability to act autonomously in everyday work.



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