RoTechBooster – maximum protection against contaminated process gas

Reliable gas supply - even during start/stop operation and pressurized compressor standstill.

The RoTechBooster is the robust and economically optimal solution to reliably keep a DGS clean during start/stop operation and pressurized standstill - dependably for several weeks or months. The compact module generates a continuous and stable gas flow to supply the DGS. This prevents dirty process gas from penetrating the interior of the seal and protects the functional elements from impurities.

The unique operating principle with rotating impeller and magnetically coupled drive unit is not only the guarantee for reliable and demand-oriented gas supply over an extremely long period of time. The innovative design also ensures maximum possible availability - regardless of whether the RoTechBooster is used again after a short break or if it was last used several months ago. Low total operating costs, long maintenance intervals of up to 5 years and a significant minimization of process gas losses are further advantages of the RoTechBooster.

Results & Benefits at a glance

Technical benefits:

  • Protection from contaminated process gas during start/stop operation
  • Protection from contaminated process gas at pressurized standstill
  • No air supply required
  • Simple implementation

Economic advantages:

  • Extended operating period of dry gas seals
  • Avoidance of unplanned standstills due to seal problems
  • Less energy consumption (air vs. electricity)


This is how a Canadian pipeline operator significantly increases operational safety ...

RoTechBooster for pipeline compressors - The solution for reliable seal gas supply

Contamination through liquids from the buffer gas supply during normal operation and contamination from the process shortly after start-up. These two types of errors affected the operation of the Alliance pipeline. The installation of RoTechBooster-Skids successfully solved the problems and provided a reliable solution for the supply of sealing gas.

Read the full case study here.

Get to know the RoTechBooster!

Further technical information about the RoTechBooster can be found here.


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