Environmental protection and occupational safety

EagleBurgmann feels a particular obligation to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of its employees. Much of what the corporation does in these areas goes way beyond the statutory requirements.

This sense of responsibility forms part of EagleBurgmann’s corporate culture and is firmly anchored in the Group’s guiding principles. Not only that, environmental protection and occupational safety are topics found right at the top of the Management’s list of priorities.

The EagleBurgmann Group’s member companies take part every year in Freudenberg’s “We all take care” initiative. This wide-ranging campaign calls on and encourages each and every employee to contribute his/her ideas towards improvement. This makes for a culture in which all concerned feel and take on responsibility for occupational safety and environmental and health protection. The prizes for and documentation of convincing projects serve as additional motivation for the individual teams. A welcome effect is that positive examples regularly set precedents, which means the corporation as a whole can continuously improve. For example, the EagleBurgmann Group’s accident rate has already been lower than the average industry level for a good many years.

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Examples of environmental protection and occupational safety at EagleBurgmann:


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