Welcome to EagleBurgmann Academy

The permanent availability, reliability, and competitiveness of your production facilities are critical factors for your business success. So, you need to be able to rely on the expertise of your employees. 
Our mission is to strengthen that expertise and build up the knowledge you workers needs in the technically challenging field of sealing technology.

When it comes to sealing technology, we have been offering various seminars, courses, and other training activities for many years. Hundreds of satisfied participants have been able to acquire valuable knowledge and applicable skills during our training events.

The EagleBurgmann Academy delivers professional support through experienced sealing experts who provide participants with professional and technical assistance and train them in all necessary aspects of sealing technology.

Our strength is our knowledge of the diverse requirements of our customers, and our ability to adapt precisely to your needs. 

Benefit from the know-how of one of the largest seal manufacturers - from the field for the field!


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