EB Smart Product

The condition of your mechanical seal always in view

Our application EB Smart Product clearly displays the sensor data of your mechanical seal on a timeline. This allows you to easily monitor the current status as well as changes and detect anomalies in time.

EB Smart Product

EB Smart Product is cloud-based and can be accessed via an Internet browser. This gives you access to myEagleBurgmann and your sensor data from your computer, tablet and smartphone at any time.


Here is how it works:

EB Smart Product Process

We offer you different sensor solutions to record the physical data of your mechanical seal. These are sent wirelessly and stored in the myEagleBurgmann-Cloud. You can easily retrieve your sensor data via the EB Smart Product application.


You can choose between the following sensor solutions:

EB Smart Seal Sensor

Our EB Smart Seal Sensor combines three measured variables in one sensor:

  • Temperature of the barrier medium - up to 150 °C
  • Pressure of the barrier medium - up to 100 bar
  • Vibration (3-axis) - up to 1 kHz, 6 g


The EB Smart Seal can be easily retrofitted near the seal in the supply system. Its locally replaceable battery offers a service life of up to three years. As a result, no further cabling of the system is necessary. The sensor is compatible with all EagleBurgmann pump and agitator seal series with supply system and is available in a version for the ex-area.

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EB Seal Monitoring Kit

The EB Seal Monitoring Kit extends the functions of the EB Smart Seal Sensor by further application-specific measured variables and integrates them into the EB Smart Product platform. All sensors that support the WirelessHART protocol can be used.

Possible measurement variables are:

  • Flow
  • Displacement (e.g. axial displacement)
  • Speed and torque
  • Vibration
  • ...


We are very pleased to support you in the selection and integration of sensors for your application.

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EB Smart Seal

EB Smart Seal is a sealing solution with integrated sensors. Here, variables relevant for monitoring, such as the temperature of the sliding parts and pressure, are measured directly. This enables an even more precise determination of the condition and performance of the seal during operation. EB Smart Seal is fully compatible with the EB Smart Seal Sensor and the EB Seal Monitoring Kit.

We are pleased to support you in the selection of the sensors for your solutions. Register now for EB Smart Product:


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