Our exclusive compressor seal services

EagleBurgmann is one of the leading system suppliers of sealing technology for compressors. Decades of experience, outstanding design and calculation expertise as well as innovative, top quality production make us stand out to our customers. Optimized services are major contributors to making sure that the implemented Dry Gas Seals and therefore the complete plant run without interruption.

EagleBurgmann does not only offer outstanding products for the high-tech sector of gas-lubricated mechanical seals, but also a holistic service program tailored specifically to the needs of this highly challenging field.

With our comprehensive network of special DGS Centers of Competence (CoC) around the world, we support our customers with assembly, overhaul, repair and acceptance testing services for their Dry Gas Seals. In addition, we operate several static testing facilities for DGS.

The DGS Centers of Competence are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and testing facilities. They are strategically located all over the world to be close to our global customers.

The advantages of the DGS CoC’s are obvious:

  • Global certification according to EagleBurgmann standards
  • Worldwide, local support for compressor seals
  • Assembly, overhaul, repair of DGS on-site at the CoC
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased plant availability and greater reliability
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