Industrial sealing solutions to help reduce GHG emissions

Advanced technology to reduce carbon footprint

To achieve the goal of a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, all available reduction levers must be used. Many forward-thinking companies have recognized this and are continuously looking for ways to further minimize the carbon footprint of their industrial processes.

Increased use of advanced technologies and retrofitting or upgrading with technological innovations can help. This is a particularly sensible investment where greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to avoid or where fossil-based bridge technologies are used.


Sealing technology, the hidden lever for reducing emissions

Seals in industrial equipment are used to prevent leaks and maintain process pressures. If they are incorrectly selected for the process conditions, improperly designed, or the technology is outdated, it can have a significant impact on the life, safety, and efficiency of the machine. Seals in pressurized, rotating machinery such as compressors can therefore be a source of harmful emissions. This makes it all the more important to have the right sealing partner who can provide expert support in optimizing systems and machines.


Diverse solutions for a low-carbon industry

EagleBurgmann is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial sealing technology and has played a decisive role in its development over the past 130 years. Many of our innovations are now state of the art and used worldwide. This is why our portfolio also includes products which enable our customers to economically meet the urgent need for decarbonization. These include sophisticated standardized seal series as well as application-specific custom designs, seal supply systems, expansion joints, and special products.


Stop flaring and venting of process gas, increase profitability

Goal: Stop flaring and venting of process gas, increase profitability

When operating a compressor, the most critical condition is during start/stop operation, when the compressor is rotating slowly or at a pressurized standstill. Unconditioned process gas can then contaminate the dry gas seals, resulting in seal failure. To avoid costly repairs, unplanned downtime and high production losses, operators often choose to depressurize the compressor and vent the process gas to a flare or directly to atmosphere. Today, the industry can turn to reliable seal gas booster technology to avoid this practice.

With the RoTechBooster, EagleBurgmann has developed the first electrically driven seal gas booster that provides a constant flow of seal gas to the mechanical seals. This means that the dry gas seals can be reliably kept clean not only during standby conditions, but also at any time when the seal gas flow is insufficient, without the need for venting or flaring. The EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster is available in various sizes to meet specific customer application requirements. The RoTechBooster LNG300 is specifically designed for use with LNG.

Read here what makes this globally proven innovation from EagleBurgmann so unique and why the RoTechBooster pays for itself.


Eliminate process gas leakage from centrifugal compressors

Goal: Eliminate process gas leakage from centrifugal compressors

Natural gas is produced, transported, and distributed worldwide under high pressure using centrifugal compressors. Although the tandem seals used in these compressors are extremely safe, for technical reasons they release small amounts of climate-damaging process gases into the atmosphere, which are flared.

EagleBurgmann's CobaDGS is the world's first mechanical seal that reduces fugitive process gas emissions on centrifugal compressors to zero. It offers the same safety as a tandem seal and can operate reliably and emission-free up to 160 bar.

The CobaDGS is currently the most climate-friendly sealing solution for retrofitting or upgrading in all common centrifugal compressors and as a first fit for original equipment manufacturers. In most cases, no compressor modification is required.

For application examples and to learn more about the strengths and highlights of this innovative sealing solution, click here.


Emission reduction in energy-intensive industries with static seals

Goal: Using static seals to make energy-intensive processes more climate-friendly

The production of key raw materials such as cement is generally energy intensive and associated with greenhouse gas emissions. But the issue of CO2 emissions is also becoming increasingly important in hazardous waste incineration, pigment production and calcination.

In many cases, rotary kilns are used to thermally treat materials. Primary energy consumption, process efficiency and emissions are decisively influenced by the type of seal used. As an alternative to the usual standard rotary kiln seals, EagleBurgmann offers the PRC rotary kiln seal, an economical, universally applicable radial sealing system that improves the efficiency of these processes and reduces the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

For applications where tightness and reliability are critical, we recommend our DRO sealing system for rotary kilns. This axial seal is designed to reduce emissions, prevent inadvertent air ingress, and can be operated gas-tight with buffer gas. 


Reduce flue gas emissions from power generation

Goal: Reduce flue gas emissions 

In typical process industry applications such as power generation or refineries, fabric expansion joints are used to seal boiler inlets and outlets, flue gas ducts, process piping, and stack connections. Generally, small amounts of flue gas escape, particularly at the bolted joints and metal frame.

The new eFlexgen fabric expansion joint from EagleBurgmann features an innovative multi-layer material that prevents the diffusion of the flue gas and closes the gap at the screw connections with an additional seal. As a result, the eFlexgen can reduce flue gas emissions by up to 90 percent.


EagleBurgmann: Your sealing partner for sustainable solutions. Worldwide.

Seals in industrial plants often receive little attention, yet they have a significant impact on the safety, productivity, and environmental performance of processes. Our engineers have the expertise to select, design and successfully implement the sealing solution that best meets your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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