Research and development at the highest level

Scientific research and development at EagleBurgmann is firmly established in the corporate strategy and is the basis for more powerful products as well as state-of-the-art technology.

We continually develop sealing technology further to satisfy rising customer requirements for greater ruggedness and longevity or continuous monitoring of the utilized products.

In addition, we observe how the market and technology are changing, which lets us recognize and respond to trends early. Further challenges we see are the constantly changing requirements toward our customers and partners, e.g. stricter emission requirements for industrial facilities or international directives, such as ATEX and API 682.

EagleBurgmann carries out sustainable basic research in the area of materials engineering and tribology. The results are incorporated in the development of new products and solutions.

We rely on a highly qualified team who analyze and discuss already known research approaches and forges new paths.


Innovation is no longer one-dimensionally defined as pure research-based development of groundbreaking new products.

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Our department Research and Development is globally linked. Besides two big centers in Germany and Japan, we operate additional acceptance test rigs at various locations worldwide.

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We are constantly looking for committed employees who advance the ideas of sealing technology. Visit our global career website and become part of our team!

Booklet: Dry gas seal solutions

A useful guide to a safer and more reliable operation of compressors. 10 cases with indications, causes and remedies. 

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