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We draw on 50 years of experience to provide our customers in the food and beverage industry with best-in-class expansion joints/expansion bellows. A wide range of materials ensures that our portfolio offers bellows expansion joints for every application. With innovative technologies, like the Plug & Run quick lock system, we help our customers increase productivity, while our comprehensive services make us a trusted partner for food and beverage companies around the world.


Our major areas of focus are:

  • Value engineering to decrease operational downtime
  • Lean manufacturing to reduce costs
  • 3D smart design to maximize overall service life


Requirements for bellows expansion joints in food and beverage applications

Bellows expansion joints installed as food and beverage processing equipment must be resistant to temperatures up to approximately 300 °C, vibration and chemicals. Other requirements concerning the properties of expansion joints are for example:

  • Limiting migration from and to the material
  • Smooth joining to avoid accumulation of media
  • Minimizing creases in the design to avoid accumulation of media
  • Using leakproof materials and solutions
  • Resistance to cleaning agents


Rules and regulations

The food and beverage industry is strongly regulated and has high standards for suppliers of fabric, metal and rubber based products. National as well as regional authorities control regulations on Food Contact Materials (FCM) and require all materials and articles, which come into contact with foods, to comply with specific and strict rules. These rules cover direct and indirect food contact, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), traceability as well as declaration of compliance for plastic and rubber materials.

The expansion joints product portfolio of EagleBurgmann is approved for the food and beverage industry according to the following standards:

  • PED 2014/68/EC
  • ISO 3834-2
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001

Other approvals are available upon customer request.


Our bellows expansion joints portfolio
for food and beverage processing machinery

Areas of application

Our portfolio includes a wide range of FCM bellows expansion joints in single- and multi-layered designs for different applications within the food and beverage industry:

  • Dairy, ingredients, oils & fats
  • Starch & sweeteners
  • Bakery & confectionery
  • Sugar
  • Beverage
  • Milk powder


Fabric expansion joints

Our KE-Flex expansion joints (fabric expansion bellows) safely absorb thermal expansions, vibrations and misalignments in pipe and duct systems in low temperature areas. They compensate for movements in multiple directions simultaneously.


Product Applications

KE-flex Nitrile 235/600

  • equipment with large vibrations/fluctuations
  • ventilation
  • aqueous food contact
  • process plants

KE-flex Nitrile 300

  • equipment with large vibrations/fluctuations
  • ventilation
  • aqueous food contact
  • applications which require white material

Vibroflex Nitrile 235

  • all powder media with risk of explosion pressure over 0.5 bar, e.g., milk powder and flour
  • aqueous food contact

KE-flex PUR

  • loading cells on loading equipment
  • pipes and ducts with the requirement that the media must be seen

KE-flex SKE 700

  • exposure to UV
  • exposure to salt mist
  • ventilation
  • high temperature
  • high pressure powder processing

KE-flex HS foil

  • food processing at high temperature
  • food processing during which CIP cleaning is used


  • cooling towers, where water droplets are expected to come into contact after vapour condensates
  • acoustic booths

Fluachem HD food

  • food processing at high temperature and pressure thrust
  • aggressive CIP

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Plug & Run fabric bellows expansion joints

Plug & Run represents the next generation of fabric expansion joints (expansion bellows) including reduced downtime, easy installation and hygienic-friendly design. The new fastening mechanism no longer requires loosening and tightening of fasteners. Instead, installing and uninstalling these expansions joints is performed in less than a minute: simply plug, twist and run.


Product Applications

Plug & Run KE-flex Food HS1

  • food processing
  • dairy
  • pet food
  • oil & fats
  • starch and sweeteners
  • bakery
  • confectionery
  • beverage, etc.

Plug & Run KE-flex Nitrile 235

  • pharmaceutical
  • drug processing
  • biotech
  • hygiene
  • cosmetics

Plug & Run KE-flex Nitrile 300

  • pharmaceutical
  • drug processing
  • biotech
  • hygiene
  • cosmetics

Plug & Run KE-flex PUR 500/1000

  • chemical industry
  • basic chemical
  • fine chemical
  • paints and lacquers
  • fertilizer
  • industries with higher requirements

Plug & Run KE-flex SKE

  • chemical industry
  • basic chemical
  • fine chemical
  • paints and lacquers
  • fertilizer
  • industries with higher requirements

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Rubber bellows expansion joints & metal bellows expansion joints

Further materials used in our bellows expansion joints for the food and beverage industry include rubbers like silicon and EPDM and metals such as 316L stainless steel. 


Product Applications

Rubber expansion joints

  • foodstuffs
  • drinking water

AX type metal expansion joint

  • steam lines
  • heat exchangers
  • boilers
  • heat chambers, etc.

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about our rubber expansion joints and AX type metal expansion joints.


Expert advice for your application

No two applications are the same. We would be happy to go into detail with you and discuss the possibilities for using our bellows expansion joints in your specific food and beverage application.

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Whenever and wherever a problem occurs – we support you to keep downtime of your food and beverage processing equipment to a minimum. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Initial dimensional measurement
  • Installation and refurbishment
  • Supervision and training
  • Plant surveys
  • Emergency services
  • Final inspection by experienced service engineers




We are happy to advise you

Would you like personal advice, do you have any questions or would you like to order directly? We look forward to supporting you.

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Expansion joints for the food and beverage industry

Find out more about our products and services for the food and beverage industry as well as the relevant regulations in our brochure.

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Reference KE-flex

Product: KE-flex, PUR (3)
Diameter: DN 454 mm
Size: 200 mm
Application: silo
Plant: milk powder production
Location: Denmark

Reference REJ

Product: Rubber expansion joint
Bellows: EPDM DW
Diameters: DN 300 ... DN 1200
Application: pumps
Plant: desalination plant
Location: Saudi Arabia

Reference MEJ

Product: Metal expansion joint type AXIS
Bellows: 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Pressure: 12 barg
Temperature: 170 °C
Application: steam line
Plant: tomato paste production
Location: Italy

Reference FEJ

Product: Fabric expansion joint
Application: vibration feeder
Challenge: time-consuming dismantling and installation of FEJ
Solution: change with Plug&Run FEJ
Diameter: DN 350
Plant: milk-processing plant
Location: Germany

Sanitary sealing solution for dampers

Product: V-flange expansion joint, reinforced nitrile
Challenge: prevent contamination of media
Pressure: tested up to 7 bar

Reference KE-flex

Product: KE-flex, LP Nitrile
Application: installed between cyclones
Plant: milk powder production
Location: Denmark

Reference KE-flex

Product: KE-flex, type SKE 700
Application: fan
Plant: milk powder production
Location: Denmark


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