The new can for magnetic couplings

Perfect for temperature-sensitive applications

SensoCan is the novel, additive manufactured titanium can from EagleBurgmann.
Its biggest advantage is integrated into the wall.


Measuring, cooling, heating – more precisely than ever

The wall of the can features a unique combination of patented sensor receptacle and special heating/cooling channels. These make the SensoCan the ideal solution for temperature-sensitive applications that must be monitored precisely. The temperature can be measured right at the source and the heating/cooling is optimally distributed throughout the can.


Strenghts and highlights of the new SensoCan


The patented receptacle is designed for commercially available temperature sensors and integrated into the wall. The temperature is measured right at the source, so that the interpolation of values measured at other points is a thing of the past. This is particularly useful for applications that demand precise monitoring.

The special design of the heating/cooling channels ensures even flow. At the same time, the quantity of heating/cooling medium is reduced to a minimum.

The flexible measurement wire of the sensor is positioned via a bore hole and fastened to the can flange via a screw connection. In case of a defect, it can be replaced without taking the magnetic coupling apart. The sensor does not touch the medium.

Compared with many other metallic materials and assuming the same geometry, titanium can be used at higher process pressures with lower eddy current losses. The eddy current losses are 30-50% lower than with Hastelloy®, for example, which reduces the CO2 footprint accordingly.

In addition, safety-critical tensile and compressive stresses are avoided thanks to the weld-free, additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce even a single piece individually – and in a short time. Of course, we can also qualify your SensoCan with a test run on request.



SensoCan – available separately or as option

The SensoCan is optionally available for the magnet couplings MAK66, MAK685 and RMAK, but also as individual parts for your specific coupling. Upon request, we will qualify it in a test run and calculate the amortization.


Technical details and expert advice

Our experts will be happy to go into detail with you and discuss the possibilities for using the SensoCan in your specific application.

You can find more details on the technical data, application areas, standards and approvals here.

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