Packing extractor 9611

Packing extractor 9611

Packing extractor 9611


The non-twisting, bendable, tension and compression-resistant form of the packing extractor 9611 allows packings to be gripped perfectly and removed without leaving anything behind, even in inaccessible stuffing box chambers. This special tool is ideal for removing compression packings from pumps, agitators, valves, fittings etc.


  • Easy to handle
  • Reduces the time taken to replace gaskets
  • Protects the shaft during packing changes

Operating range

Safe and easy removal of the old packing when required

Forms of supply

Available in 4 sizes:
Diameter 3.5 mm: length 120 mm
Diameter 6 mm: length 160 mm
Diameter 8 mm: length 210 mm
Diameter 10 mm: length 260 mm