Elastic Tankpak 6756

Elastic Tankpak 6756

Elastic Tankpak 6756


The EagleBurgmann Elastic Tankpak 6756 consists of a core made from an elastic hollow tubular EPDM rubber and is wrapped by the first layer of PTFE foil. Thereby the chemical resistance of the gasket is significantly upgraded. The intermediate layer made from polypropylene yarn is mainly a kind of cushion. The entire seal is then over-braided with PTFE yarn.


  • High recovery characteristic
  • Usable for periodic open and close of lids
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High stability
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Re-usability

Operating range

Pressure: p = 0.7 bar
Temperature: t = -50 ... +100 °C
(250 °C for 6756/TH)
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 ... 14

Resistant against acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents, fluent and powderlike chemicals
suitable for IMO class 2 and 3 chemical cargos.

Standards and approvals

  • DNV, USCG (PO2 / 1,2 butylene oxide)
  • Germanischer Lloyd


6756/TG (EPDM core/Polypropylene/PTFE)
6756/TH (Elastomer core/Glass fibre/PTFE)


The cover should be designed to accommodate a gasket of not too large cross-section. With rectangular cross-section ratio of width x height should be 3:2. The contact pressure exerted by the cover on the gasket should be adequate and as evenly distributed as possible around the circumference. It is advisable to fit several toggles/clamps around the periphery. The contact surface for the gasket on the coaming should be wide enough and sufficiently rounded to avoid damaging the gasket surface. The gasket could be stored under cool and dry conditions up to 3 years in their original package.

Forms of supply

10 mm ... 60 mm square / rectangular cross section lengths (meters) or endless rings to suit application.