Buratex W 4003

Buratex W 4003

Buratex W 4003


Buratex B 4003 is a flexible cotton packing impregnated with a special light-colored grease impregnating agent. It is preferred for pure, liquid media and clean applications. When it is manufactured, particularly tear-resistant cotton threads are pre-impregnated and twisted. At the next diagonal braiding step, the packing undergoes an additional intensive impregnating stage.


  • Easy to handle
  • Rot-resistant
  • Permanently soft and flexible
  • No risk of discoloring the medium

Operating range

Pressure: p = 10 bar
Sliding velocity: vg = 10 m/s
Pressure: p = 60 bar
Sliding velocity: vg = 2 m/s
Mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters
Pressure: p = 8 bar
Sliding velocity: vg = 2 m/s

  • Continuous operation:
    t = -20 °C … +100 °C

Chemical resistance:
pH = 6 ... 8
Resistant to water and waste water, particularly resistant to oils and greases.


In pump applications, ideally fitted with a straight cut. The light-colored impregnation avoids any risk of discoloring the medium.

Forms of supply

  • Sold by length, blank cuts, precompressed rings with straight or slanted cut
  • Box contents
    up to 6,35 mm: 1 kg
    7 - 10 mm: 2 kg
    11 - 13 mm: 3 kg
    14 - 24 mm: 5 kg
    from 25 mm: 10 kg

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