HSMR34 and SeccoMix R

The new industry standard for agitator seals




The HSMR34 and SeccoMix R mechanical seals from EagleBurgmann are true all-rounders for agitators.
They make short work of aggressive, sticky or viscous media, even if solids content is high, and are ideally suited for use in agitators, mixers, kneaders, dryers and other special machines.


Ending a good thing to start a better one

More than 10,000 MR333, MR35 and MR5 series mechanical seals have served customers well all over the world. We have merged these proven solutions as a modular system for you as the liquid-lubricated HSMR34 and the dry-running SeccoMix R. What remains? Our premium quality.



Only premium products – 5 outstanding quality features


  • Solid design
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • SiC material with DiamondFace technology option
  • FDA certificate


Strong arguments for users:
  • Very good heat dissipation achieves higher operating conditions
  • Self-cleaning effect very well-suited for difficult media and high solids content
  • SiC seal face pairing enables DiamondFace technology:
    • Insufficient lubrication or partial dry-running are easily overcome
    • Prevents possible particle abrasion in dry-running agitator seals (SeccoMix R)

  • Compact cartridge unit
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Robust spherical roller bearing
  • Torque transmission without damaging the shaft
  • Shaft sleeve with no product contact


Strong arguments for users:
  • Long-standing experience with over 10,000 installations of previous models: safe, reliable seal design
  • Universally usable for all installation positions and machines
  • Wide range of optional feature variants available
  • Customized adjustments possible

  • Dry-running/liquid-lubricated design
  • All installation orientations
  • With/without bearing
  • For steel/enameled vessels
  • Hygienic designs (CIP/SIP)
  • Many more options


Strong arguments for users:
  • Excellent for standardization
  • Reduced expenses from design to assembly to service
  • Prompt availability
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

  • Type examination for zone 0 (Cat. 1)


Strong arguments for users:
  • Continuously safe operation in all ATEX zones and for a large operating area

  • Large portfolio of supply systems


Strong arguments for users:
  • System configuration precisely tailored to requirements
    Agitator seal and supply systems ensure optimal functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness


Recommended supply systems:




Two for any occasion

The strictest requirements are posed of sealing technology, especially for agitators with side and bottom entry drives. Because the product literally presses on the sealing gap. This is no problem for the liquid-lubricated HSMR34 mechanical seal and the dry-running SeccoMix R. Whether top, side, or even bottom entry drive – this series of seal can handle any installation situation.

HSMR34 and SeccoMix R Combined
HSMR34 and SeccoMix R mechanical seals are meant for top, side and bottom entry drive in agitators.


HSMR34 and SeccoMix R mechanical seals – the kit at a glance




Options for all models

  • Hygienic design (CIP/SIP-compatible)
  • Cooling or heating flange
  • Temperature sensor (HSMR34)
  • Axial expansion joint or wiper ring in case of axial movements of the shaft
  • Metal-free on product side



Impressive design

Both series are designed as pressure-charged double mechanical seals. The characteristic design feature is the solid counter ring projecting into the product. The rotation generates a flow at the counter ring that pulls the product away from it and keeps the sealing gap free. This prevents anything from sticking to it.


Operating ranges of the HSMR34 and SeccoMix R



Technical details

The HSMR34 and Seccomix R agitator seals are suitable for a wide range of applications. For more information on operating ranges, recommended applications, materials, standards and approvals as well as further technical details, please refer to the respective product page.

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