Dry running mechanical seals are often used as they do not need an external medium for lubrication. Liquid-lubricated mechanical seals with quench are also common or double seals with barrier pressure for hazardous media. In this case, small amounts of the barrier medium reach the product medium. For this reason, compatibility with the product must be tested in advance.

The maximum rotational speed, temperature and system pressure to be sealed are important factors that affect the design of the sealing system. The agitator shafts are subject to stresses that could lead to radial shaft deflection or wobble movements. These shaft movements must be absorbed and compensated by the seal.

EagleBurgmann mechanical seals have proven ideal in many different concepts:

Dry running, with contact between the sliding faces:

Gas-lubricated without contact between the sliding faces:


May be equipped with cooling flange, leakage drain or polymerization barrier to suit the process requirements.

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