Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Sealing competence for CCUS

Engineering knowledge, products and extensive R&D capabilities reliably seal through every process step:
Capture >>> Compression >>> Transport >>> Injection

When it comes to emission reduction in energy-intensive sectors such as natural gas processing, power, chemical, cement and other industries, EagleBurgmann’s diverse sealing product portfolio range - standard and engineered solutions - are designed to meet a broad range of special demands. Sealing CO2 with its high density and Joules Thompson effect presents amongst some of the greatest challenges in sealing process critical centrifugal compressors and pumps. Based on CO2 pressure-enthalpy diagram, multiphase properties between a gas and a liquid also present process reliability and efficiency challenges.

EagleBurgmann leverages proven sealing concepts that are adapted to meet individual application requirements in close collaboration with operators and OEM manufacturers. Every bar of pressure counts and in 2013, industry first was set with new standard for dry gas seals (DGS) installed and used in ultra-high pressure sCO2 gas-reinjection systems. Tupi 4 re-injection compressors, required for system start-up and when the compressor is tripped-for whatever reason, as the suction and discharge pressures equalize (settle out pressure) seal maximum static pressure of up to 428 bar (6,207 psi).

Operators worldwide trust our engineering knowledge and robust solutions for centrifugal compressors and pumps, on some of the industries most challenging Carbon Dioxide, Ethane and Ethylene applications.



CO₂ capturing process



Oxyfuel combustion

CO₂ compression

CO₂ transport and injection

Source of CO₂

  1. Power plants
  2. Refineries
  3. Natural gas processing




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Advanced DGS design solution for multiphase CO₂ pump applications

Optimize CO2 process and power cycle efficiencies with industry-leading sealing technology.

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Espey WKA802 for sealing a CO2 gear compressor

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Compressor sealing solutions for industrial applications

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DF-(P)DGS6 DiamondFace

Dry Gas Seal for multiphase pump applications. The reliable sealing solution for a low vapor margin, flashing hydrocarbons, liquid and supercritical CO2 applications.


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