Sealing Technology and Service for the Goliat FPSO

EagleBurgmann equips latest Norwegian oil production facility.

Published: Modern Pumping Today, December 2016

Language: English

Everything must run smoothly

Reliable gas supply solution for compressors to avoid seal contamination and failures - Process gas centrifugal compressors are typically equipped with gas seals to prevent gas from escaping between the stationary compressor body and the rotating shaft. Compressors are normally shut down when high seal leakage occurs, indicating a seal failure. Experience shows that the major root cause for high gas leakage is the contamination of the seal. How can it be avoided?

Published: Process Worldwide, July 2016

Language: English

Using dry gas seals to pump liquids

The unconventional solution features bonding consisting of a micro-crystalline layer that has attributes of natural diamond.

Published: Pumps & Systems, April 2016

Language: English

The innovative sealing solution for difficult media and conditions

The TOTAL refinery at the Leuna chemicals site is one of the most state-of-the art facilities of its type in Europe. It processes over 33,000 tons of crude oil every day, most of which is pumped in from Russia.

Published: Modern Pumping Today, February 2016

Language: English

Liquid-lubricated double seals increase stability for PTA production

One facility's high-speed centrifugal pumps saw improved performance and efficiency after adding custom seal.

Published: Pumps & Systems, February 2016

Language: English

A diamond standard for pump seals

One of the most frequent equipment change outs required in piped and pressurized rotating machinery are the mechanical shaft seals. EagleBurgmann can provide a long term solution to solve a very common problem.

Published: Australian Mining, February 2016

Language: English

Reaching the target in an innovative way

Application of dry gas seals in the pumping of liquid hydrocarbons - Keeping NGL (natural gas liquid) pipeline components operating in optimal condition is an ongoing challenge for the oil and gas industry. Rising temperatures in the liquid pumps and the resulting issues for their seals represent one such challenge.

Published: Process Worldwide, December 2015

Language: English

Material advances improve seal reliability in extreme application conditions

Diamond technology can promote safety and provide exceptionally low emission sealing of critical equipment.

Published: Pumps & Systems, December 2015

Language: English

Mechanical seal raises the bar in compressor re-injection applications

Off the coast of Brazil, EagleBurgmann is raising the bar again - literally and figuratively - by setting a new standard for dry gas seals used in ultra-high-pressure gas re-injection systems.

Published: Sealing Technology, May 2015

Language: English

Special seal surmounts latex problem

Custom design provides a cost-effective long-term solution for pumps

Published: Chemical Processing, December 2014

Language: English

EagleBurgmann develops new generation of dry-running seals

EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co KG recently reported that it has developed a new generation of dry-running shaft seals for agitators.

Published: Sealing Technology, December 2014

Language: English

EagleBurgmann nominated for PDO's Rabab Harweel Integrated Project

EagleBurgmann Middle East provides sealing solutions for PDO's Rabab Harweel Integrated Project.

Published: mid east information, September 2014

Language: English

Agitator seal for PTA production

In 2013, EagleBurgmann supplied its largest agitator seal to date with a shaft diameter of 480 mm. It was destined for use at a PTA facility in China.

Published: cpp, September 2014

Language: English

A new generation of dry running agitator seals

Published: Chemical Engineering, September 2014

Language: English

Sealing solutions for LNG compressors

EagleBurgmann recommends the use of dry gas seals for LNG compressors

Published: LNG Industry, June 2014

Language: English

Large processing equipment places special demands on sealing technology

Published: Sealing Technology, June 2014

Language: English

Concentrated material competency

Material management during the TAR

Published: TAR News, Juni 2014

Language: English

Sealing the deal

Mechanical seals sit at the heart of the myriad of pumps and other rotating machinery within a thermal power plant and huge emphasis is placed on their reliability.

Published: Power Engineering International, March 2014

Language: English

EagleBurgmann magnetic couplings seal new zero-leakage KSB refinery pump

KSB South Africa in cooperation with EagleBurgmann specified high-efficiency magnetic couplings to seal the shaft for the API 685 process pump.

Published: European Oil & Gas Technology, January 2014

Language: English

Software tool for enhanced pump reliability

Published: CAV Top Products, December 2013

Language: English

Super Pumps - Innovative design, engineering and high-performance

Innovative design, engineering and high-performance testing highlight the KSB pumpsing system installed 85 meters beneath the River Thames. EagleBurgmann supplied the mechanical seals.

Published: Pumps & Systems, October 2013

Language: English

Mechanical seals: considerations for reducing costs and water consumption

Water is the most frequently conveyed – and thus the most frequently sealed – medium. Corresponding seal solutions are in demand in virtually all aspects of industry, from the supply and treatment of water to desalination to wastewater technology. The various types of water involved – fresh, pure, process, hot and waste, for example – place differing requirements on sealing technology.

Published: WaterWorld, October 2013

Language: English

Efficient operation with DF mechanical seals

Inadequate lubrication and dirt do not prevent multiphase pumps from operating efficiently when using diamond-faced mechanical seals.

Published: Pumps & Systems, October 2013

Language: English

The revised API 682 mechanical seal standard

The 4th edition includes details on the revised product coding system, the seal system selection process and seal supply systems.

Published: Pump & Systems, September 2013

Language: English

Barrier seal breakthrough improves UK gas grid compressor reliability

Many countries rely on their natural gas grid almost as much as they do their electrical grid, which makes it socially as well as economically imperative for network operators to strive for the utmost in system reliability.

Published: Pipeline & Gas Journal, September 2013

Language: English

The Revised API 682 Mechanical Seal Standard

When sealing aggressive and abrasive crude oil pipelines, reliability and extended service intervals are required. Challenging conditions place high demands on the design limits of sealing and supply systems, which can handle frequent stops/starts an occasional pressure reversals or reverse pump rotation.

Published: UPSTREAM Pumping Solutions July/ August 2013

Language: English

Innovations from the new API 682 standard for mechanical seals and supply systems

Nearly six years of work went into the update of the API 682 mechanical seal standard, due to come into force shortly. Since its introduction in 1994, API 682 has become the standard, setting the global tone for the procurement and operation of seal and supply systems for centrifugal pumps in the oil and gas sector, as well in chemistry.

Published: World Oil July 2013

Language: English

Barrier Seal Improves U.K. Compressor Reliability

EagleBurgmann and Siemens have reported the successful application of the former’s CobaSeal, a rotating ring made of ductile material and a spring-loaded stationary face made of silicon carbide. The companies noted that centrifugal compressor performance and availability is closely related to the effectiveness of shaft sealing technology.

Published: COMPRESSORtech2, 6-2013

Language: English

DGS for LNG compressors

Sealing Answers for Liquefied Natural Gas. With the discoveries of large new natural gas deposits, including shale formations, competition is intensifying for LNG supply contracts, making it imperative that LNG operators achieve the lowest possible delivered costs by optimizing reliability and attaining larger economies of scale. Both producers and shippers can rely on a new generation of extremely reliable centrifugal compressors typically equipped with mechanical Dry Gas Seals (DGS) developed and sized specifically for refrigerant and boil off compressors used in the LNG sector.

Published: Modern Pumping Today, 5-2013

Language: English

EagleBurgmann supplies high-pressure seals for Russia's ESPO pipline Project

The state-owned Russian company TransNeft Jsc is building the East Siberia Pacific Ocean(ESPO) pipeline in two phases. With a total length of 5000 km, the pipeline - which is scheduled to be compleated and operating at full capacity in 2014 - will supply Siberian oil to China, Japan and Korea.

Published: Sealing Technology, March 2012

Language: English

Dry Gas Seal Requirements

Find a reliable dry gas seal system for any application. Compressor failure can bring down an entire plant or bring production to a halt, costing a company $250,000 an hour or destroying millions of dollars of catalyst. Therefore, a reliable, well-designed dry gas seal system included with a compressor can make a difference to a plant's bottom line.

Published: Pumps&Systems, Feb 2012

Language: English

EagleBurgmann develops large diameter DGS for extreme temperatures

EagleBurgmann develops large diameter dry gas seal for extreme temperatures in Chinese blast furnance. Because of the very strict project requirements, GE Oil & Gas chose to use products by EagleBurgmann, due to its knowledge of the specific product and its design expertise. That began the company's process to develop a 15.3" (390 mm) gas seal - the PDGS10/390 - that could withstand temparatures of up to 482 °F (250 °C).

Published: CT2 CompressorTech two, February 2011

Language: English

Seal development improves reliability of pumps for polymer latex

Preventing problems with mechanical seals that are used on pumps and reactors which handle polymer (latex) is a major engineering challange. Polymer particles from compact agglomerations that can quickly bring a production process to a halt.

Published: Sealing Technology, September 2010

Language: English

Reducing water consumption by 90 % at Stora Enso Skutskär

The costs of water and sealing water saving have become increasingly important issues in the pulp and paper industry over recent years. Growth in environmental awarness, stricter environmental regulations, water recirculation systems which are largely selfcontained, the increasing cost and effort assiciated with supplying and treating the water, have all led to a change in approach and are the main reasons for this development.

Published: ipw, 2 - 3/2012

Language: English
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