TotalSealCare On-Site Service

The package that offers greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness and planning reliability

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Technical advise and support for power station team needed, as well as on-site support for gaskets and sealing materials


Wide-ranging demands for sealing services on-site in various industries



TotalSealCare On-Site service offers flexible and versatile support directly at the customer's plant


The EagleBurgmann TotalSealCare service offers a flexible and modular package for every call-out situation and to meet all local requirements. The “On-Site Service” module for packings and gaskets has proven successful in a number of different industrial fields over many years.

Here, EagleBurgmann provides a specifically tailored service within the system with its ideally equipped service units in the form of trailers or containers. Perhaps there is a need for procurement, provision and production of gaskets, deployment of experienced sealing experts for valves and pumps or special jobs such as machining seal surfaces on site. None of these are a problem for EagleBurgmann's wideranging service portfolio.


Satisfactory solutions to service requirements: two case studies

  • In June 2009, one of EagleBurgmann's service trailers was called out to a German brown coal power station. Equipped with the necessary special machinery and tools, and accompanied by an inhouse expert in packings and gaskets for valves and flanged connections, it was able to fulfill a number of customer wishes over a period of 21 days. The deployment covered providing technical advice and support for the power station team, and particularly the conversion of regulating valves to sealing sets with live-loading systems . Another major feature of this deployment was the direct provision or urgent supply of gaskets and sealing materials, and the correct cutting to size of gaskets and compression packings.

The excellent cooperation and the proven expertise enabled EagleBurgmann to win another extensive service contract just one month later.

  • The deployment for one of EagleBurgmann's service engineers started in May 2010 at one of the largest refineries in Europe. Over a 42-day period, their sealing expert supported both the refinery team and the local valves service partner. The services provided included measuring the dimensions and recording the stuffing box housings of over 600 valves and cutting gaskets made from graphite, PTFE and fiber materials on site. In addition, special graphite-valve cover rings and Kammprofile gaskets (serrated gaskets) were supplied with diameters up to 800 mm.

After successful completion of this assignment, one year later the customer booked a two-man EagleBurgmann service team and the trailer with the mobile CNC knife cutter for gaskets for 26 days on-site service.


EagleBurgmann's services can be combined to create customized packages for any sealing point, e.g. in pumps, valves and fittings, for flanges, apparatuses, housings, tanks, covers, heat exchangers and much more. A detailed inspection and record are taken in close cooperation with the operator, i.e. all the valves to be converted during an overhaul conforming to the German fugitive emission regulation TA-Luft. The resulting database then serves as the basis for the design, supply and implementation of the overhaul or conversion work. Any necessary adaptations will be carried out directly during the conversion.

The benefits for the customers:

  • Application and industry knowledge, experience in all sealing and application matters
  • Planning reliability and no need for the plant operator to arrange additional manpower (saving time and money)
  • Sealing solutions all reflect the latest technology and conform to legal requirements
  • Service trailer or container means flexibility in terms of location
  • Can be combined with service for mechanical seals and expansion joints

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  • Advice and technical service (selection, design and support for seal assembly and installation) by qualified service staff on site
  • Development of standardization concepts together with the customer, reduction of the variety of materials
  • Taking measurements, documenting and drawing up special solutions
  • Complete documentation as per customer specification
  • On-site creation of CAD drawings for CNC knife cutter
  • Cutting service for gaskets, manually or on a CAD-based CNC knife cutter
  • Production of tailor-made packings and gaskets on site
  • Maintaining equipment databases (gaskets and packings, valves, pumps)
  • Supervision and managed assembly (fittings, pumps)
  • Assembly and commissioning work
  • Mobile machining of flange surfaces up to 600 mm
  • Mechanical adaptations (e.g. housing, spring sleeves)
  • Approvals, certificates and certificate management
  • Replenishment hotline to head office, 24-hour delivery service
  • 24 / 48 hour delivery service for special products

Optimally equipped for every call-out: Mobile service trailer and container

  • Defined in-stock range of sealing solutions and materials to suit customer requirements
  • Tools and equipment, e.g. for cutting gaskets and packings
  • Fully-equipped IT and CAD workstations, calculation and documentation software

... and EagleBurgmann brings high-quality products from their range with them to the call-out:

  • Universal or engineered compression packings by the meter, pre-pressed rings or Burajet injectable packings
  • Buratal packing sets conforming low emission regulations (e.g. German TA-Luft)
  • All types of gaskets, such as fiber gaskets, sheets and tapes made from graphite, PTFE and other materials, DIN/ASME dimensions or plotted to any design requirement
  • Metal gaskets such as Kammprofile gaskets, spiral wound gaskets and ring type joints (RTJ)

Satisfied customers from all branches of industry: An extract from EagleBurgmann's list of references

Power stations and energy technology
  • AXPO power stations, Switzerland
  • EnBW AG conventional and nuclear power stations (Germany)
  • E.ON AG conventional and nuclear power stations (Germany)
  • GDF SUEZ Energie Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
  • RWE AG conventional power stations (Germany)
Chemical industry
  • BASF SE (Germany)
  • DOW Olefinverbund GmbH (Germany)
  • BP Europa SE
  • MiRO Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • OMV AG/ Borealis AG (Austria)
  • PCK Raffinerie GmbH (Germany)
  • SC MAZEIKU NAFTA – ORLEN Group (Lithuania)
  • TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH (Germany)
Pulp and paper industry
  • StoraEnso AG (Germany)
  • UPM Sales GmbH (Germany)
OEM and industrial services
  • ANDRITZ AG Hydro (Germany)
  • ASE Armaturen Service & Engineering GmbH (Germany)
  • BIS Shared Services Leuna GmbH (Germany)
  • Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH (Germany)
  • Furmanite Technische Dienstleistungen GmbH (Germany)
  • KSB AG (Germany)
  • SABO-Armaturen Service GmbH (Germany)
  • WISAG Aviation Service Holding, previously ThyssenKruppHiServ GmbH (Germany)
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Further reference projects

China, Mainland

10 years ahead

Between June 2017 and March 2019 the Hengli Group constructed an integrated refining and chemical complex in the Chinese harbor town Dalian where 20 million tons of crude oil are processed every year. EagleBurgmann advised the company Hengli concerning the selection of mechanical seals and supply systems for the whole plant and supplied more than 95 % of the components in use. 

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United Kingdom

10 years of reliability: Protecting the heart of Great Britain’s natural gas infrastructure from failure

In Great Britain, a shortage in natural gas supply has severe consequences: Since the country switched from coal-fired to gas-fired power stations, a gas supply shortage makes households and industrial consumers not only vulnerable to failing heating and gas stoves, but also to power outages. Companies along the value and transportation chain of natural gas are therefore especially dependent on reliable equipment.

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100 percent performance at 300 degrees

Things get hot in rotary kilns, very hot in fact. In the production of cement, for example, the thermometer measures more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Sealing systems from EagleBurgmann, a company of the Freudenberg Group and EKK, make sustainable contributions to environmental protection, energy efficiency and process reliability under these "fiery" high-temperature conditions.

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A Partnership to build on

Our modern civilization is quite literally built upon cement. Today, building materials made from cement are used in buildings, roads, bridges, dams etc. Cement production is a heat-intensive process and causes thermal expansion in duct systems. To compensate this, Indian cement producer Ramco Cement needed fabric expansion joints with a diameter of several meters for two of their plants. On the basis of a close collaboration, EagleBurgmann was able to design components that increase the efficiency of the plant in the long run.

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Clean gas despite fluctuating operating conditions

Frequent starts and stops are a severe test for gas-lubricated compressor seals. Installed in an Argentinean combined cycle power plant is an EagleBurgmann supply system that provides a continuous gas flow rate for the seals and adapts it to changing conditions. Since then, the operational reliability of the compressors has increased significantly.

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Clean sealing solution for demanding crystal production

Seals are a risk factor in the production of liquid crystals. If there is even the slightest contamination of the liquid crystals, this will later affect the image quality of the display. Read on to see which sealing solution Merck KGaA uses in paddle dryers for the production of liquid crystals.

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