Submerged: Reliable sealing in water extraction

Drinking water is often pumped as groundwater or spring water to the surface from very great depths. Tubular casing and submersible motor pumps are used here and are either seated directly in the borehole or are operated underwater in deep wells. Since these aggregates are difficult to access, the components must be absolutely reliable.

For these applications requiring longevity and reliability, EagleBurgmann applies rugged seals: the million-fold proven elastomer bellows seal MG1, for example. As a universal seal it is used as single or double seal in submersible motor pumps. The MG1-MG1 tandem sealing system is operated with an unpressurized oil quench between the seals. This makes it predestined for an extremely long operating period.

However, EagleBurgmann solutions are also deployed in the volute casing pumps of water extraction, whether as dry or wet installation: the MA/MD and Cartex series cartridge seals and the HJ977GN, LA200, LB500 or M3N component seals are convincing because they are easy to install and reliable in operation, even when the medium to be conveyed is extremely polluted.

Competence in water applications

EagleBurgmann sealing technology: as versatile as the requirements in water-related processes

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