Prevent seal related flaring and venting

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Eliminate flaring and venting

Availability of compressor units in natural gas grids or gas storages is one of the highest priority for the operators. Keeping their Methane compressors in pressurized stand still for standby reasons is a standard methode to support quick online availability. The challenges here is the save operation of the Dry Gas Seals by keeping them clean and dry during operating mode. This is not always reliably possible, hence in many cases operators decides to vent/flare the compressor. This causes massive release of Methane to the atmosphere! Considering one venting per month of one compressor unit the Methane emissions are based on CO2e arround 3.606 tons per year!!

Meanwhile the industrie can refer to reliable seal gas booster technology, which is used to supply clean seal gas to Dry Gas Seal during mentioned static operation mode, avoiding any faring or venting on compressor units.

With it‘s market leading, unique and revolutionary electrical driven rotary type seal gas booster technology – the EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster -  EagleBurgmann provides since 2012 reliable and proven technology for supply of clean seal gas to Dry Gas Seals avoiding any venting/flaring of the compressor casing. Worldwide more 500 RoTechBooster have been delivered.

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Seal Gas Booster for Safe Compressor Operation

Seal Gas Booster for Safe Compressor Operation

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Gas supply systems

Gas supply systems

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Solution: RoTechBooster für Etzel

Ökologisch und ökonomisch optimale Gasversorgungslösung für Kompressorendichtungen. Öl- und Gaskavernenanlage Etzel, Deutschland.

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Solution: RoTechBooster für OEM

RoTechBooster von Erstausrüster qualifiziert. Die neue Lösung erhöht die Kundenzufriedenheit und reduziert den Service-Aufwand. 

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RoTechBooster für Pipeline-Kompressoren

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Solution: RoTechBooster for pipeline compressor station

RoTechBooster helps to guarantee uninterrupted gas transportation in North America.

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