Emission reduction – to net zero

Leakproof for a clean environment

The effects of man-made climate change become more and more obvious day by day. Scientists and international institutions agree that drastic reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction is required  to limit the global warming to below 2, preferably to 1,5 °C, compared to pre-industrial levels.

While CO2 emissions are on everybody’s lips for years, reducing methane emissions gets more and more into focus and will be a significant lever on the track to global carbon neutrality. Not only is methane more than 80 times more potent over the first two decades after its release than carbon dioxide in terms of warming the climate system, but also  methane emission in the energy sector are considered as one of the fastest and most effective ways reducing global warming. Since methane is a valuable product and, in many cases, can be sold if it is captured, it is estimated that a majority of methane emissions in the Oil/Gas industry could be avoided with measures at zero to negative net costs.

Regulation will require regular and systematic monitoring, reporting and mitigation to limit methane emissions in the years to come to meet decarbonization goals.

 As a leader in sealing technology with more than 130 years of experience industrial applications, EagleBurgmann has always been a front runner in innovating sustainable containment solutions.

“Leakproof for a clean environment” has been  one of our key motivations. We use this experience supporting initiatives and goals of our customers to actively contribute with outstanding proven technologies and services to avoid, detect and mitigate Methane emissions on a global scale


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Prevent seal related flaring and venting

Prevent seal related flaring and venting

  • Manage methane emissions reliably without compromising machine efficiency
  • Prevent future penalties for venting and flaring
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Zero Emission

Eliminating fugitive GHG emissions

  • Eliminate 100% seal related Scope 1 methane emissions in your compressors and your static equipment
  • Operate your equipment more reliable and safer than ever
  • Learn more about latest available measures to methane emissions
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Innovating Smart Sustainable Sealing Solution and Services

  • Measure, report and manage Methane emissions with Gas Dection and Quantification solutions
  • Activly manage emissions with our EB LDAR services
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Lowering Carbon Footpring of Energy intensive industires

Lowering Carbon Footprint of Energy Intensive Industries

  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions in cement industry
  • More process efficiency for hazardous waste incineration
  • Less primary energy demand for pigment production and calcination
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