Clarified: Wastewater pumps sealed properly

The pumping of wastewater places great demands on the installed circulation, submersible and eccentric screw pumps and the macerators and aerators. Solids content, gas content and alternating medium composition also stress the shaft seals to a high degree. Clogging or plait development in wastewater pumps is very problematic anyway. Sensitive zones are the gap between the impeller and housing, the impeller inlet edges and the mechanical seal compartment.

The protection of the seal and functionality of the pumps are guaranteed by the interaction of various measures: openly configured seal compartment, A-shaped seal cover, product-protected springs, self-cleaning large dimension single springs in the rotating part of the seal and resistant materials of seal faces and stationary seats and secondary seals.

EagleBurgmann seals for the wastewater sector are the suitable solution for all operating and process conditions. The optimal seal is available depending on the solids content of the medium: For <5 %, e.g., the elastomer bellows seals of the MG series with large exterior spring, for <10 % the HJ977GN with protected spring (also perfectly suited for plait-developing media). EagleBurgmann cartridge seals of the Cartex series are deployable even up to 40 % solids in the medium.

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