Burachem MMH 9654/MMH

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Burachem MMH 9654/MMH safety-gasket rings are made from multidirectional expanded PTFE are manufactured to meet the requirements of endusers for safety, tightness and reliability. This gasket is especially designed for use as handholes, headholes, manholes and all kind of inspection ports in vessels and boilers. According to Germany’s law an approval according TRD 401 /VdTÜVInstruction “Seal 100” is available. These gaskets have high adaptability and operating safety meeting test category “D”.
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Universal applicability
Pressure: p = approved up to 40 bar operating pressure
cold water test pressure: 88 bar
Temperature: t = approved up to 240 °C

Resistant against all medias at the range pH 0 - 14 excepting molten alkaly metalls, in particular
resistant to boiler feed water according TRD 611.
  • Building services industry
  • Water and waste water technology
  • Power plant technology
  • Reactor vessels
  • Process vessels
  • Hatches
The very high adaptability during installation ensures exceptional cold water tightness. The previously needed higher installation care when using a rubber or fiber based gasket for the cold water pressure test is no longer necessary.
Ready to install rings in the following sizes:
80 x 120 x 15 x 6.0 mm
100 x 150 x 15 x 6.0 mm
115 x 165 x 15 x 6.0 mm
150 x 200 x 15 x 6.0 mm
220 x 320 x 25 x 6.0 mm
300 x 400 x 25 x 6.0 mm
320 x 420 x 25 x 6.0 mm
350 x 450 x 25 x 6.0 mm
Other measurements on request.