Treated: Focus on sealing materials

Various processes are used for the treatment of drinking water, depending on the quality of the untreated water. Mechanical, physical or chemical treatment: the end product is water as comestible. To guarantee top quality, the utilized medium-contacting seal materials need to be foodstuff approved.

Structural materials deployed in drinking water and food must be declared safe by national certification authorities. As a result, the materials will often need several certificates and approvals, e.g. as per KTW (Materials in Contact with Drinking Water), Germany; FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA; or WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme), UK.

EagleBurgmann has the corresponding certificates for each medium-contacting material of its seals. In addition to the quality recognized as safe, our customers can rely on the unlimited performance of our face materials: long operating periods, the least wear and optimal leak tightness are the distinguishing features of our seals.

Our new generation of eMG1 and eMG elastomer bellows seals received an innovative, series-optimized silicon carbide high performance material: eSic-Q7 is a friction and wear optimized face material with hydrodynamic properties. In practice this means up to 50 % longer operating periods, expanded emergency running properties and reduced power consumption. The eSiC face material can be used in numerous water applications.

Competence in water applications

EagleBurgmann sealing technology: as versatile as the requirements in water-related processes

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