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Water transport means transportation across large distances through pipelines or in the drinking water pipes of municipal networks and up to fine distribution within buildings: Pumps keep the medium under pressure and in movement. Large dimension pipeline pumps with a pumping capacity of 15 - 20,000 cubic meters per hour are no longer uncommon, and the demand for higher performance is growing increasingly.

The consumer, on the other hand, is requesting more continuous and less high performance. Whether pressure boost pumps in the drinking water network or pumps in heating circuits - they often run for years without any interruptions to speak of - also thanks to the mechanical seals of EagleBurgmann. Impressive proof: The end user of a centrifugal pump needed to replace the installed EagleBurgmann M3N after 16 (!) years of hot water operation.

Whether in irrigation and drainage, in swimming pools or garden pumps or in fire extinguisher pumps: EagleBurgmann supplies the optimal seal in each case. From the BT-AR small large series seal to Engineered Systems for pumps with a shaft diameter of up to 500 mm.

Competence in water applications

EagleBurgmann sealing technology: as versatile as the requirements in water-related processes

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