expansion joints

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expansion joints
Item Description
1 Flange reinforcement
2 Pressure carrying layer
3 Gas seal layer
4 Insulation layer
5 Support layer

expansion joints


  • Multi layer design
  • Compensates for movements in several directions simultaneously
  • Can be delivered as fabric only or as preassembled unit
  • For dry condition
  • Custom made to fit actual working conditions


  • Excellent flexibility
  • High chemical resistance
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Minimal reaction forces


Temperature: -35 °C … +575 °C (-31 °F ... +1,067 °F)
Pressure: -0.2 bar … 0.2 bar (-2.9 PSI ... 2.9 PSI)
Maximal axial movements: … 200 mm (8”)
Maximal lateral movements: … 80 mm (3”)

Standards und Freigaben

- EN 10204-2.2 certificate
- Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for individual materials


Fluaflex expansion joints safely absorb thermal expansion and misalignments in pipe and duct systems in dry and medium temperature areas. Fluaflex products compensate for movements in multiple directions simultaneously.


Pre-assembled units

Pre-assembled units

Pre-assembled expansion joint units consist of:

- Fabric expansion joint
- Metal frames/inner sleeves
- Gasket (optional)
- Fasteners

Frame material:
- Carbon steel
- Stainless steel
- Heat resistant steel

Pre-assembled expansion joint units can be supplied with surface treatment that is corrosion resistant (standard) and resistant to high temperatures. EagleBurgmann KE offers any RAL color code for the units. Units can be delivered with seaworthy packing or standard packing for road transportation.