Lowering Carbon Footprint of Energy Intensive Industries

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Lowering Carbon Footpring of Energy intensive industires

The cement industry is intensively looking for solutions to reduce CO2 Emissions. Especially to bring the CO2 emissions, which are unavoidably produced during the burning of the limestone, back into a cycle or to use them for new products. The issue of CO2 emissions is also becoming increasingly important in hazardous waste incineration, pigment production and calcination.

In many cases, these industries use rotary kilns in which the materials are thermally treated. The sealing of these furnaces has a great influence on the primary energy demand and the process efficiency as well as emissions.

Compared to the standard rotary kiln seals, EagleBurgmann offers various sealing solutions with which higher sealing densities can be achieved.

The Rope Pull Cartridge is suitable as a universal sealing solution for most applications. Its radial sealing leads to savings in primary energy and an increase in process efficiency as well as a reduction in emissions.

For special applications that have particularly high demands on tightness and reliability, EagleBurgmann offers the DRO sealing system for rotary kilns. This axial seal avoids false air intake and thus promotes process efficiency, and it can also be operated gas-tight with buffer gas.

EagleBurgmann solution


  • Radial sealing
  • Packing rings with sliding elements
  • Cost effetive
  • More efficient than graphite seal or leaf seal




  • Axial sealing
  • Only one leakage path between packing and disc, due to smooth surfaces and continous spring force there is minimal leakage
  • Optional gas tight with buffer gas available
  • High-end solution


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