Powerful: Seals for flood control and major water technology projects

Climate change, environmental protection and growth are causing more large cities to specifically collect and drain rainwater and surface water, or storm water from coastal regions. Deep shafts and large-scale tunnel systems are being built for that purpose in London or Tokyo, for example. At the bottom of the collecting shafts, which in London have a diameter of over 30 meters, super pumps are installed which impress with mega data: weighing over 50 t, with more than 12 MW drive power, over 100 meters delivery head and a volume throughput of over 300 cubic meters per second.

Even the required seals for these gigantic pumps can sometimes weigh more than 300 kg. Due to the cramped conditions and the vertical pump construction, mechanical seals are often executed in split design. Since the pumps are difficult to access in the 100 m deep shafts, the seals must hold up until the respective pump inspection.

And the sealing technology challenges continue to increase: EagleBurgmann is designing and building split seals for multistage pumps with shaft diameters over 500 mm (19.69") and for static pressure peaks of up to 50 bar (725 PSI) for a recent pump storage power plant.

Well-known manufacturers of large pumps and end users of water projects worldwide rely on EagleBurgmann sealing technology. Our proven HGH type split seal has become the reliable established standard for major water technology projects e.g. in China, Azerbaijan, USA, India or Russia.

Competence in water applications

EagleBurgmann sealing technology: as versatile as the requirements in water-related processes

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