Training successfully completed

After a successful final examination and three and a half years of training as an industrial mechanic at EagleBurgmann Germany, Wolfratshausen, six young specialists are starting a new chapter in their careers. EagleBurgmann has employed the industrial mechanics who are now working full-time in their production departments at the Eurasburg site. They will be able to apply and expand their knowledge in the demanding production of industrial seals for customers around the globe.

The EagleBurgmann team of trainers prepared the industrial mechanics in detail for the final examination in January 2019. During training, emphasis was placed not only on the acquisition of specialist and methodological knowledge, but also on the development of social skills.

The former trainees celebrated the presentation of their skilled trades certificate a few days ago at Lake Starnberg together with their trainers, their future superiors and representatives of the works council.

From Bavaria to the whole world - six young industrial mechanics will manufacture products at EagleBurgmann that are sold and used internationally.

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