Increased operational safety for centrifugal compressors with contaminated seal supply gas

The "RoTechSeal" dry gas seal seal from EagleBurgmann is known for its long operating periods, even when supplied with contaminated gas. Its robust design is configured to seal the shaft and increase the operational safety of the compressors, even under harsh operating conditions.

A change in the composition of the process gas, clogged filters, unsuitable filter systems or operating errors can lead to contamination of the supply gas through liquid or dirt particles. Numerous features make the seal robust against these problems. Depending on the operating situation, the RoTechSeal can be implemented with various options.

The integrated "Smart Labyrinth" gas cleaning system, for example, ensures that liquids and particles bypass the sealing surfaces. 3D gas grooves ground with high precision additionally generate a self-cleaning effect and prevent deposits on the sliding faces. The specially designed and optionally available torque transmission protects the sliding faces from damage due to contamination of high torques.

For applications with particularly demanding requirements and under extreme operating conditions, the sliding faces are usually coated with the microcrystalline DiamondFace which prevents damage from dirt particles.

The RoTechSeal features low leakage values which minimize environmentally harmful influences from the supply gas and dirt carried in via the leakage flow. The seal is suitable for all types of centrifugal compressors, for example in the oil and gas industry, refinery technology and petrochemical industry.

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The dry gas seal from EagleBurgmann is a ready-to-fit unit available in single, double and tandem configurations.

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