Hike into the beginning of training

Training at EagleBurgmann traditionally starts with a hike from the production site in Eurasburg to the headquarters in Wolfratshausen - which took place this year as well. Beautiful autumn weather this week gave 19 new trainees and their instructors the opportunity to get to know each other better.

In the next few years, the young women and men will undergo training as industrial mechanics, technical product designers, industrial clerks and IT specialists. "It is always exciting to accompany trainees as they embark on their professional careers. We are particularly pleased to welcome young women in technical professions. This year, four ladies opted to become industrial mechanics or technical product designers," says Peter Hertl, head of training at EagleBurgmann.

The first two introductory weeks are dedicated to safety and becoming acquainted with each other. In addition to the hike, there is a comprehensive safety briefing, a tour of the company and an introduction to the corporate philosophy and the future workplace.

The trainees of the first training year 2018 at EagleBurgmann with training manager Peter Hertl (1st from left) and trainers Andreas Böckl (2nd from left) and Angelika Maier (1st from right)

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