EagleBurgmann plants 170 trees

A group of some 50 EagleBurgmann employees met in mid-April to plant 170 trees on a mountain slope near the company headquarters in Wolfratshausen. The initiative was launched to mark the 170th anniversary of the German Freudenberg Group, which together with the Japanese EKK Group is a shareholder of EagleBurgmann.

Following consultation with the local forest service and the city of Wolfratshausen, the decision was made in favor of deep-rooted European silver firs as a sustainable way of reforesting the steep slope and preventing it from sliding. The young trees were planted under the expert guidance of the forest service team. The city of Wolfratshausen is the landowner of the mountain slope and was very committed to supporting the preparations for the planting initiative.

The 170 silver fir trees are a visible sign that EagleBurgmann is promoting sustainability and nature conservation not only at its headquarters but also in Shanghai, where 170 trees were planted by employees of the Chinese branch in March 2019.

Every EagleBurgmann employee had the opportunity to become the "patron" of a seedling.

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