Warm welcome, completely normal contact

Just one week of practical training can change one' s view of people and the working world. Since 2005, EagleBurgmann Germany's second year trainees have been doing practical training at the Oberland Werkstätten (Workshops) in Geretsried/Germany.

In October and November of this year, 14 trainees from the Eurasburg location got a taste of the different operating divisions of this institution for people with disabilities.

This week they reported their experiences to Markus Wallenstein, Operations Manager of Oberland Werkstätten, and Peter Hertl, Training Manager at EagleBurgmann in Eurasburg. For example, they were surprised at how self-reliant the employees there were in carrying out even complex tasks. Prejudices and fears in dealing with the employees of the Oberland Werkstätten had not proved to be true. "Quite the opposite," one trainee summed up. "We were warmly welcomed and had very normal contact."

For the trainers at EagleBurgmann, the project at the Oberland Werkstätten is an important part of the training. The experiences of the young junior employees this year also show that working together with people with disabilities enhances the social skills of trainees and enables them to meet at eye level.

Second year trainees with Markus Wallenstein (left), Operations Manager Oberland Werkstätten, and Peter Hertl (2nd from left), Training Manager EagleBurgmann Germany

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