Case 07: Operation issues - Low reliability of piston seal gas booster

Typical machines affected

All compressors which include a piston seal gas booster in their seal supply system


  • Unavailability of seal gas booster
  • Frequent seal gas booster failures
  • High service cost / wear on seal gas booster parts
  • Low seal gas flow supplied by installed booster
  • Unreliable operation of seal gas booster, especially after long time of non-operation


Piston booster have numerous parts:

  • For example small valves are controlling the air supply to the booster and can have problems with icing or contamination
  • Also, the piston rings can wear out
  • Therefore the service intervals of piston seal gas booster systems are usually short

EagleBurgmann solution

RoTechBooster – centrifugal seal gas booster

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • 24,000 h service interval
  • No more booster failures
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • No limitation with regard to continuous operation

Further information:


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