Knowledge: Our most important resource

Even higher pressure levels, temperatures, speeds of rotation, even greater tolerances, even more rugged design or a convenient remote diagnostics system – and a lot more. 

EagleBurgmann, research & development, R&D, innovation, mechanical seal, mechanical sealsSeals today have enormous scopes of performance, but we nevertheless succeed time and time again in extending performance limits even further. Intensive scientific research and development activities are our basis for coming up with increasingly efficient, sophisticated products. Tribology, materials science and fluid mechanics are key fields in which we are moving ahead with developments.

Besides our own projects, we work with institutes and universities and carry out publicly sponsored research projects. We also continually develop new solutions in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers – for which purpose our scientists, computational engineers and technicians have state-of-the-art tools and test facilities at their disposal.

In addition to a diversity of measuring and test equipment, EagleBurgmann has two big R&D centers in Germany and Japan. Among other things, we run acceptance test rigs for pump, agitator and compressor seals, development and test labs for expansion joints, gaskets, valve sets or special test rigs for acceptance-testing refinery seals, of which there are only a few worldwide.

This is how we come up with innovations, for example the high-tech sensor system for remote monitoring of seals, or a sophisticated groove geometry that optimizes gas-lubricated compressor seals, or diamond coatings that make mechanical seals extremely durable. In short, our know-how makes for solutions from which our customers truly benefit.

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