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Innovations from EagleBurgmann impress with the value added they generate. Wherever machines and systems need sealing, our products can be relied upon to make decisive contributions towards boosting performance, ruggedness and cost effectiveness.



Reliable, rugged, cost effective...

With EagleBurgmann’s innovative CobaSeal™ bearing seal you at last have a truly rugged, reliable and cost-effective sealing solution to go perfectly with your compressor’s gas seal and meet your requirements in terms of top quality and performance. CobaSeal™ is oil-tight in idle mode, runs aerostatically wear-free and contactless in all modes of operation – and knows no restrictions whatsoever in terms of “slow roll”, “turning gear” and “coast down” operation.

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A cartridge seal with no compromises

The APItex® series developed by EagleBurgmann is a range of single and double O-ring seals in cartridge design which correspond in full with the standards of API Category 1, Type A. The sealing concept is based on a rugged and reliable design capable of tolerating process fluctuations and shaft deflections. The shrink-fitted seal faces and floating seat bearing make for smooth running characteristics. The inboard and outboard sliding parts are identical, thus enabling efficient spare-parts stock management. Effective circulation of the supply medium is ensured by the excellently functioning internal pumping system, so supply to the inboard and outboard seals is optimal. The APItex® is suitable for pressure reversal and equipped with product-protected springs.

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