Company History

Over a century of experience in sealing technology

The EagleBurgmann group of companies was formed in 2004 from the alliance between Burgmann Industries and Eagle Industry.


Eagle Industry has its roots in the Mechanical Seal Division of Japan’s NOK Corporation. 1964 “Nippon Sealol Co., Ltd.” comes into being as joint venture between NOK’s Mechanical Seal Division and an American seal producer. 1978 sees the name changed to Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. The US company later opts out of the joint venture. Subsidiaries are subsequently set up in Asia and Australia. 1989 Founding of Eagle Machine Works Co., Ltd. for the production of mechanical seals in in Niigata/Japan. 1993 Comprised of eight companies, Eagle Techno East Japan Co., Ltd. is formed with the objective of optimizing customer service.  


EagleBurgmann1884 Feodor Burgmann founds a company in Dresden, Germany to supply “technical articles”. The company founder invents the machine-braided self-lubricating stuffing box packing. This pioneering achievement is to have a major influence on the development of sealing technology. Other domestic and foreign offices and production plants are established in subsequent years. 1945 New start as Feodor Burgmann Jr. sets up business in Seeleiten on Lake Starnberg in Bavaria. 1951 Company headquarters relocated to Wolfratshausen. 1962 The company begins to develop and manufacture mechanical seals. 1965 Expansion joints are added to the product portfolio. In 1978 the company starts out on a path of major international expansion and continuous building of global market presence to over 50 subsidiaries and joint ventures. The Scandinavian KE Group is taken over in 1993, followed in 1998 by the acquisition of the BT Group in Italy and Gustav Espey GmbH in Duisburg/Germany.  


2005 sees EagleBurgmann purchase Elof Hansson Industrikomponenter AB of Sweden. Further subsidiaries are founded in Saudi-Arabia and Russia. Eagle takes over Eagle-Poonawalla on a 100-percent basis and transforms it into ESSIL (Eagle Seal & Systems India Ltd.). In 2008 the activities of ESSIL and Burgmann India are merged to form new company EagleBurgmann India. In 2009 KE-Burgmann Denmark – expansion-joint specialist and subsidiary of EagleBurgmann – takes over American company EJS Ltd. California.  


EagleBurgmann is a member company of Germany’s Freudenberg Group and Japan’s NOK Group.


Innovations from EagleBurgmann impress with the value added they generate. Wherever machines and systems need sealing, our products can be relied upon to make decisive contributions towards boosting performance, ruggedness and cost effectiveness.



Reliable, rugged, cost effective...

With EagleBurgmann’s innovative CobaSeal™ bearing seal you at last have a truly rugged, reliable and cost-effective sealing solution to go perfectly with your compressor’s gas seal and meet your requirements in terms of top quality and performance. CobaSeal™ is oil-tight in idle mode, runs aerostatically wear-free and contactless in all modes of operation – and knows no restrictions whatsoever in terms of “slow roll”, “turning gear” and “coast down” operation.

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A cartridge seal with no compromises

The APItex® series developed by EagleBurgmann is a range of single and double O-ring seals in cartridge design which correspond in full with the standards of API Category 1, Type A. The sealing concept is based on a rugged and reliable design capable of tolerating process fluctuations and shaft deflections. The shrink-fitted seal faces and floating seat bearing make for smooth running characteristics. The inboard and outboard sliding parts are identical, thus enabling efficient spare-parts stock management. Effective circulation of the supply medium is ensured by the excellently functioning internal pumping system, so supply to the inboard and outboard seals is optimal. The APItex® is suitable for pressure reversal and equipped with product-protected springs.

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Facts & Figures

It is not the seals we produce which make up the heart of EagleBurgmann. Nor the services we provide. After all, neither of these activities would be possible without the people behind them: namely the employees in each and every one of the organizational units worldwide who contribute so much with their commitment towards ensuring our corporation‘s success.


 Worldwide Figures (p.a. April - April)

Sales (Mio €)563





EagleBurgmann sales in the past accounting year increased by 8.3 percent to 815.6 million euros (prior year: 752.8 million euros). The foreign proportion of that was 85 percent, and 15 percent were achieved domestically. A total of 5,844 worldwide employees (prior year: 5,766) worked in the EagleBurgmann group the end of 2012. 



EagleBurgmann assumes that the growth will continue with lesser rates of increase. Due to the economic situation in the Euro area and in other economies, EagleBurgmann will systematically continue the costs and liquidity management established in the previous years.


In the U.S., EagleBurgmann successfully continued the strategic growth project in 2012 to increase market shares. The sales and market share with OEM and end users were increased and the level of awareness was developed further. The second half year also saw the completion and moving in to a new additional company building with more than 2,200 square meters at the Houston, USA, location. Processes and sequences were optimized within the scope of the relocation in order to better fulfill the requirements of the regional and global customers regarding products and services. 


To further increase competitiveness in the product area of supply systems in the American market, EagleBurgmann expanded capacities in the U.S. Furthermore, a sales company with connected Service Center was founded in Columbia last year to increase the worldwide presence in the service business. In order to realize synergies in Sales and Production, the Australian and New Zealand EagleBurgmann company were merged to the new company EagleBurgmann Australasia, whose headquarters is at the previous location in Ingleburn, Australia. 


But there were also domestic investments: The conversion of the IT systems to a worldwide homogenous SAP landscape was driven forward. The SAP launch at the Wolfratshausen main production location and in Eurasburg took place in November of 2012. The goal is to optimize the management and core business processes. The more than 40 million euro EagleBurgmann project to build a new production hall on an area of roughly 15,600 square meters in Eurasburg was completed. Production is being relocated in stages.

Our Business Model

Over 3 million individual sealing products leave our Group’s production lines every year. For use worldwide in the most diverse spheres of application. For example in the pumping of crude oil, the manufacture of chemical products, the supplying of drinking water, in power station cooling circuits and a multitude of other applications. Our customers trust in the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our products and services. We are the right people to contact for sealing solutions in each and every phase – from initial equipping to the handling of all details in project business right through to the actual operation of your plant system.


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